Our focus is to keep, sustain and generate value for every Magic Mushroom buyer/holder and form a strong community.

We will archieve this goal by bringing new features, airdrops and use cases in the metaverse to our Magic Mushroom holders.

Feb or March 2022- S3 launch (S2 holders get for every S2 Magic Mushroom one free Magic Mushroom Season 3)

Q2 of 2022- S4 launch (will not be sold, only airdropped to the holders of one specific season, which will be announced)

2022 – Continuously airdop unique low edition NFT art by Sponk to random Mushroom holders

Q2 of 2022- Airdrop animated tokens to random Magic Mushroom holders

Q2 or early Q3 of 2022

– Implement a burning feature, which will turn Magic Mushrooms into zombie mushrooms (special S5)

Q3 of 2022 – Vivid Liquids launch, which is an interactive game 

Q3 of 2022 – Launch a fully animated series

Q4 of 2022- S6 of Magic Mushrooms will launch in Q4 of 2022

2022 – Magic Mushroom holders will continuously be provided with airdrops and bonuses. Airdops will include Ada, other NFTs (cooperations), other NFT works from Sponk and future Mushrooms seasons and projects we will launch. Some seasons will not be sold, just airdropped to holders.